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the mission


Book Experience emerged out of the desire to promote Portugal and everything that the country has of good through telling positive stories about Portuguese firms wishing to raise the profiles of their innovative products and services.


All Book Experience brand stories feature purpose created and tailored content and transversal to various audiences and designed whether for on- or off-line channels of international communication. They span the many sectors of charm and attraction constituting the Portuguese reality and its respective competitive advantages across sectors as diverse as tourism, wine, heritage, gastronomy, olive oil, the sea, the different cultural facets, cork, its different geographies and among so many others.





the vision




The era of Consumer Experiences. We are fully aware that the days of mass and aggressive advertising and publicity have come to an end. Consumers have become ever less sensitive to traditional means of advertising and even the more aggressive approaches such as direct mail, banners, TV, pop-ups alongside so many others.

Today, we live in the era of the consumer experience, an interactive relationship that draws upon sensations, emotions, relationships, indeed the meaning above the money, and shuns excessive, senseless consumerism.





the concept




Storytelling is emotional and transversal to all social and age groups and in contrary to marketing that proves essentially functional.


Such stories generate meaning, density, deepening the ongoing relationships and, above all, extending over the course of time.


We live in a conceptual era when the lack of good content generates a lack of contentment and interest along with a generalised non-credibility. Today, we sell intangibles and the most tangible of the intangibles are the stories.


As Hannah Arendt, the famous German -American political theorist said “storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.”


Father António Vieira, the well-known Portuguese Jesuit philosopher, orator and writer affirmed way back in the 17th century "a book is a dumb person speaking, a deaf person responding, a blind person guiding, a dead person living."


Indeed, why not transform a book experience into a brand story if every country has so many and such good stories to tell the world especially in those most charming areas that make up its national identity?





the challenge


The experience. This is the great challenge contemporarily facing all major brands: leading the consumer to recall a specific product or service and not for the message attached or any specific functionality but, and above all, for the experience felt. This is the Book Experience mission: transforming international brands into LOVE BRANDS, relational brands able to foster an emotional bond with the consumer thus gaining credibility and profile in global markets through unprecedented and highly innovative STORYTELLING projects, original stories capable of endowing authentically meaningful brand experiences.




the goal


Providing each reader/consumer with a personal brand experience, distinctive and unforgettable, which results in the desire to share with others and recommending the same book/brand experience (WOM, word of mouth and word of modem)


This leverages the reputation, the sales and the exports of products and services through the dissemination of tailor made brand stories, designed in accordance with the needs, objectives, target audiences and values of each brand.

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