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Setting up a brand communication tool susceptible to deployment through different communication strategies:


printed press version 


For example, enhancing prestige among national and international opinion makers, clients, stakeholders and the media.


For example, complementing another brand product that may be gifted or resold across different points of sale - e.g. book + wine/book + design object/book + gourmet product/ book + merchandising, etcetera.


As a gift and/or for resale through a brand communication strategy adopting the mass media as the distribution channel: gift and/or resale through a newspaper or magazine and providing free promotion to the publication in exchange.


Once placed within the traditional channel of distribution, as a fun or entertainment based product, this generates value and brand credibility without involving any further commercial costs.



digital version 


Recycling contents produced for the printed version and developed into enhanced eBooks and/or applications downloaded for free onto the tablets and smartphones of users worldwide.







- Contact and negotiations with Portuguese and international publishers.

- Production and distribution of the print run through national and international book markets always at cost price.

- Launch events and the subsequent promotion of each brand story undertaken by the publisher and without any additional costs to the brand.

- Rigorous final quality control over each publication.

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